George E. Failing 5" X 6.25"

Replacement parts for the George E. Failing 5" x 6.25".

Fluid End

George E. Failing 5" X 6.25" Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
2 Liner PPFA D1825
4 Liner Packing PPFA D1826
6 Packing Liner Set Screw PPFA 100F693
2 Head Gasket PPFA 100F688
2 Piston GD-1 PPFA F-918-F
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPFA 156F383
2 Piston Rod GD-1 PPFA 21-FXG-183
2 Piston Rod Baffle PPFA 101F285
2 Junk Ring PPFA FG-317
2 Oil Stop Head Washer PPGD AG318
2 Packing Stuffing Box PPFA 60-A-222
8 Valve Cover Gasket PPFA 100F690
8 Valve Spring Brass PPFA L-146
1 1LB 1.13/16" x 1" Rod Packing PPGD 1.13/16X1 1LB
8 Valve Gravel PPFA 101F861
8 Valve Gravel Insert PPFA 101F864
8 Valve Seat PPFA F-993
8 Valve STD PPFA F-935
8 Valve STD Insert PPFA 1-FG-452
8 Valve STD Seat PPFA FG-39-H


George E. Failing 5" X 6.25" Fluid End Optional Parts
Qty. Description Part No.
**2 Lantern Ring PPFA D1827A
**2 Liner Clamp PPFA 100F691
**6 Liner Set Screw PPFA 100F692
**6 Washer Liner Set Screw PPFA 10-W
**6 Nut Liner Set Screw PPFA 10C-N
**2 Nut Piston Rod PPFA 16C-NH
**2 Stuffing Box PPFA 100F669
**2 Gasket Stuffing Box PPFA 100F685
**2 Lubricator Gland PPFA F1029

Gear End

Gardner Denver FXD Gear End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
Qty Description Part No.
1 Connecting Rod PPFA 100F653
2 Eccencric Bushing PPFA 3-FXG-421
2 Crosshead Pin Bushing PPFA XGD-AXG-229
2 Crosshead Pin PPFA 102F789
1 Crosshead Left Side PPFA 100F684
1 Crosshead Right Side PPFA 100F652
1 Shaft-Eccentric PPFA 100F662
2 Sleeve-Shaft Eccentric PPFA 100F663
2 Seal-Oil PPFA XCR-32419
2 Bearing Cone 5" x 6".1/4 PPFA XTI-745A
2 Cup Bearing PPFA XTI-742
1 Shim Kit PPFA 100F665
2 Plate Bearing Cover PPFA 100F664
2 Washer Oil Stop Head PPFA AG-318
2 Packing Oil Stop Head PPFA XGD-60-A-222
2 Gasket Oil Stop Head PPFA 100F668
2 Oil Stophead PPFA 100F666
2 Gland, Oil Stophead PPFA 100F667
4 Studs, Oil Stophead PPFA 100F674
4 Nut PPFA 8C-N
2 Gasket Stuffing Box PPFA 100F685
2 Stuffing Box PPFA 100F669
2 Junk Ring PPFA FG-317
2 Packing Rod Stuffing Box PPFA XGD-60A-222
2 Gland, Stuffing Box PPFA FG-21-A
4 Stud, Stuffing Box PPFA 100F676
4 Nut PPFA 10C-NH
2 Sleeve-Jackshaft PPFA  FXG-289
12 Cap Screw PPFA 8C12-B
2 Bearing Jackshaft PPFA XTI-NA-484
1 Bearing Race Jackshaft PPFA XTI-472-D
1 Bearing Jackshaft PPFA XHB-A-5214-TS
1 Seal Jackshaft PPFA XCR-24397
1 Chain Quad PPFA XDC-80Q74

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