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American Mfg Company is a quality manufacturer of replacement parts for the wide variety of mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, drilling rigs, and swivels found on the world market today.

American's manufacturing plant is located in beautiful St. Joseph, Minnesota in America's heartland.  A highly trained staff uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven quality control methods to produce the finest pump replacement parts found in the market today.

Our pump parts are used in many different industries including the water well, oilfield, geothermal and horizontal directional drilling industries.  Every part we make is manufactured to standards equal or exceeding those of the O.E.M.

Quality Policy


American Manufacturing is committed to make a difference with our lives. We will devote ourselves individually and corporately to excellence in the following ways:

  • Excellence in how we treat all Interested Parties
  • Excellence in how we work together and treat each other
  • Strong commitment to ISO/API requirements
  • Committed to continually improve our quality management system
  • Continually improve in the quality of the pumps and pump parts we manufacture and sell

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