American 3" Shear Relief Valve

American Mfg Company 3" Shear Relief Valve
American 3" Shear Relief Valve
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Relief Valve 3" 5000 PSI RPDC 5826648
1 Cover, Aluminum RPDC 2937
1 Latch Spring (Items 2, 3 & 4) RPDC 1720
1 Shear Bar A564 Type 630 RPDC 17067
1 Stem Bushing A438-70-Gr1 RPDC 17028
1 Cushion Ring Buna-N RPDC 2939
10 Shear Pin Kit SAE (Black) RPDC 295530
10 Shear Pin Kit SAE (Yellow) RPDC 295540
10 Shear Pin Kit SAE (Silver) RPDC 295550
10 Shear Pin Kit SAE (Copper) RPDC 295560
1 Pin, Shear Bar RPDC 5418-37527
2 Cotter Pin 18-8 SST RPDC 5421-09312
1 Pin, Cover RPDC 2093
1 Body A216 WCB RPDC 2938
1 Piston A564 Type 630 RPDC 1622
1 Seal, Piston Buna-N RPDC 1242
1 Washer SAE 1020 RPDC 58840191913
1 Gasket, Sub Copper RPDC 2954
1 Sub AISI 4130 RPDC 2953-002
1 Sub A564 Type 630 RPDC 2953-003
1 Spring Pin SAE 1060 RPDC 544525021
1 Caution Tag Aluminum Contact us
1 Service Tag Aluminum Contact us
1 Pin Gauge Tag Aluminum Contact us
6 Drive Screw 18-8 SST Contact us

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