American AME0413HD Piston Pump

Power End Assembly

American AME0413HD Power End Assembly
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Power Frame PPFMC 1273545
1 Crankshaft: Driven PPFMC P509560
1 Crankshaft: Drive PPFMC P510882
4 Connecting Rod Assembly PPFMC P509546
4 Bearing Insert (Pair) PPFMC P510834
4 Wrist Pin PPFMC 1219650
4 Crosshead PPFMC 1216823
4 Sleeve PPFMC 1218743
3 Ball Bearing, Single PPFMC 1104444
4 Retainer Ring PPFMC 1118553
4 Seal, Oil PPFMC 1101095
1 Ball Bearing, Double PPFMC 1104508
12 Washer PPFMC 1177455
12 Screw PPFMC 1100068
1 Plug, 1/4" NPT PPFMC 1101305
1 Mounting Base, Pump PPFMC 1280633
1 Gasket, Pump Base PPFMC 1273559
1 Key PPFMC 1187577
2 Plug, 3/4" NPT PPFMC 1105060

Fluid End

American AME0413HD Fluid End Assembly
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Fluid Cylinder PPFMC P500358
4 Screw PPFMC P522316
8 Valve Seat, Raised Face PPFMC 5260142
8 Disk & Spring Assembly PPFMC 5253499
8 Valve, Cage PPFMC 1219610
12 O-Ring PPFMC 3264075
4 Valve Cover PPFMC 1219614
2 Valve Cover Clamp PPFMC 1255887
2 Screw PPFMC 1100064
1 Plug, 1/4" NPT PPFMC 1109987
4 Screw PPFMC 1284516
4 Piston Retainer PPFMC 5257986
4 Piston Cup PPFMC 5257807
4 O-Ring PPFMC 1101339
4 Piston Holder PPFMC 1282557
8 Gasket PPFMC A91684
4 Ceramic Liner PPFMC 1241364
4 Umbrella (Plastic) PPFMC 1279148
4 Washer, Umbrella PPFMC 1269388

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