American 4 Speed Transmission - SAE 4

American 4 Speed Transmission - SAE 4

American 4 Speed Transmission - SAE 4
Qty. Description Part No.
4 Bolt TPNA UBF71
1 Oil Seal TPNA 40M150
1 Front Cover TPNA 40M126
6 Stud TPNA 40M177
1 Gasket TPNA 40M172
1 Circlip TPNA CM2053
1 Spacer TPNA 40M174
1 Snap Ring TPNA 40M252
1 Bearing TPNA 40M143
1 Shaft, Input TPNA 40M117
1 Bearing TPNA 40M513
2 Dowel Pin TPNA 40M656
1 Output Shaft TPNA 40M515
1 Gear, First Speed TPNA 40M722
1 Gear, Second Speed TPNA 40M113
1 Gear, Output TPNA 40M724
1 Spacer TPNA 40M725
1 Bearing TPNA CM2052
1 Bearing Retainer TPNA 40M378
2 Bolt TPNA USF11
1 Gear, Reduction TPNA 40M123
1 Spacer TPNA 40M178
1 Tab Washer TPNA 40M179
1 Bolt TPNA USF53
1 Selector Fork, Top TPNA 40M502
2 Pin, Clevis TPNA 40M232
2 Pin, Split TPNA 40M244
2 Interlock Stud TPNA 40M231
1 Interlock Plate TPNA 40M891
2 Dentent Ball TPNA CP1077
2 Detent Spring TPNA CM2103
1 Selector Fork, Bottom TPNA 40M501
2 Bolt TPNA USF31
2 Washer, Split TPNA W112
2 Clip TPNA 40M299
1 Circlip TPNA 0330200
1 Bearing TPNA 40M146
1 Spacer TPNA 40M130
1 Gear, Second Speed TPNA 40M114
1 Layshaft TPNA 40M925
1 Gear, Second Speed TPNA 40M116
1 Gear, First Speed TPNA 40M723
1 Gear Reduction, First TPNA 40M360
1 Machined, Drain Plug TPNA CP1189
1 Washer, Sealing TPNA 0201714
1 Circlip TPNA 0330300
1 Bearing TPNA 0562512
3 Welch Plug TPNA CM2113
2 Selector Shaft TPNA 40M135
1 Selector Locking Strip TPNA 40M136
1 Screw TPNA 40M720
1 Interlock Plate, Assembly TPNA 40M894
1 Gearcase TPNA 40M924M
4 Bolt TPNA UBF142
4 Bolt TPNA USF32
8 Washer, Lock TPNA W113
1 Bolt TPNA USF55
1 Tab Washer TPNA CM2050
1 Washer TPNA CM2123
1 Coupling Output TPNA 40M582
1 Dust Sheild TPNA CM2537
1 Oil Seal TPNA 40M167
1 Bearing TPNA 40M149
1 Reduction Housing TPNA 40M655
1 Gasket TPNA 40M654
1 Spacer TPNA 40M138
1 Bearing TPNA CM2068
1 Annulus TPNA 40M120
1 Gear Lever Knob TPNA 40M645
1 Nut TPNA UN512
1 Gear Lever TPNA 40M338
1 Protection Cover TPNA 40M377
1 Cover TPNA 40M129
1 Dipstick TPNA 0800551
6 Bolt TPNA USF21
1 Top Cover TPNA 40M220
1 Gasket TPNA 40M169
1 Plate, Retaining TPNA 40M245
1 Spring TPNA 40M367
2 Pad, Gear Lever TPNA 40M254
1 Clutch Housing TPNA 40M842
1 Clutch Operating Fork TPNA CM2083
1 Bolt TPNA UBF91
1 Machined Clutch Operating Lever TPNA CM2090M
1 Washer TPNA 40M398
1 Circlip TPNA CP1006
1 Shaft, Cross TPNA 40M394
1 Nut PPAM A000541002
1 Washer PPAM A000541001
1 Pin TPNA CM2084
6 Nut, Nylon TPNA UN516
2 Nipple, Grease TPNA CP1069
2 Bushing TPNA CM2179

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