Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG Mud Pump

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG mud pump.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
2 Liner PPGD FG45645
2 Liner Packing PPGD 1FG519
6 Packing Liner Set Screw PPGD 60BQ1
2 Piston API-1 PPGD 217TBA045A
2 Piston Rubber Kit PPGD TBA76000
2 Piston Rod API-1 PPGD 25FXG183
2 Piston Rod API-1 Chrome PPGD 25FXG183C
2 Piston Rod Baffle PPGD 1FXG840
2 Junk Ring PPGD FG317
2 Packing Stuffing Box PPGD 60BH13

Fluid End Valves, Seats, and Springs

Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG Fluid End Valves, Seats, and Springs
Qty. Description Part No.
8 Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 25G18
8 Valve Spring Brass PPGD 78D22
8 Valve Gravel PPGD 200FGG482A
8 Valve Gravel Insert PPGD 200FGG106
8 Valve Seat PPGD 200FGG039
8 Valve STD PPGD 1FG928
8 Valve STD Insert PPGD 1FG452
8 Valve STD Seat PPGD 11FG39

Fluid End Optional Liners, Pistons, Piston Rubber Kits

Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG Fluid End Optional Parts
Qty. Description Part No.
**6 Liner Set Screw PPGD 76N14
**6 Washer Liner Set Screw PPGD 95F7
**6 Nut Liner Set Screw PPGD 50B7C
**2 Nut Piston Rod Crosshead PPGD 50T67
**2 Stuffing Box PPGD 1FG1538
**2 Gasket Stuffing Box PPGD 25C658
**2 Gland Stuffing Box PPGD FG21
**2 Gland Lubricated Stuffing Box PPGD 200FXG008A
**2 Packing Lubricated Stuffing Box Nut PPGD 60DD74
**16 Stud, Valve Cover PPGD 79L40C
**10 Screw, Cylinder Head PPGD 655EG09Z
**1 Head Cylinder 5" x 6" PPGD 1FG41
**1 Puller, Seat Standard PPGD 1AUX545
**1 Puller, Seat Gravel PPGD 200FGG219A
**1 Puller, Liner PPGD FF284

Gear End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver 4.5" x 6" FG FXG Gear End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Jackshaft (Standard Type) PPGD FXG371
1 Jackshaft (Mayhew Type) PPGD 19FXG371
1 Pinion - Gear Drive PPGD FXG181
1 Key PPGD 35C48
2 Sleeve-Shaft PPGD FXG289
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G39
2 Bearing-Jackshaft PPGD 12W2
5 Gasket PPGD 25C657
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G40
2 Jackshaft Bearing Plate PPGD FXG370
1 Shaft-Eccentric PPGD 1FXG367
1 Key PPGD 35C70
1 Eccentric-Gear PPGD 1FXG255
2 Sleeve-Shaft PPGD 16AUX18
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G221
2 Bearing PPGD 12C30
1 Shim-Kit PPGD 77G16
2 Eccentric-Bushing PPGD 3FXG421
2 Crosshead-Bushing PPGD AXG229
2 Crosshead PPGD FXG175X
2 Crosshead-Pin PPGD FXG189
2 Packing Oil Stop Head PPGD 60BG24
2 Washer Oil Stop Head PPGD AG318
2 Oil Stop Head PPGD 2FXG495
2 Oil Stop Head Gland PPGD AXG238
2 Oil Stop Head Glasket PPGD 25C656
2 Housing Bearing PPGD FXG368
2 Plate Bearing Cover PPGD FXG366
2 Connecting Rod PPGD 1FXG417
8 Stud, Oil Stophead PPGD 79A69
8 Nut, Oil Stophead PPGD 50B5
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 2009457
2 Baffle, Rod PPGD 1FXG840
2 Nut, Crosshead PPGD 50T67
1 Key, Jackshaft PPGD 35B166
4 Fitting, Lube PPGD 40E5

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