Gardner Denver PAH

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver PAH.

Fluid End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver PAH Fluid End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
3 5" Liner PPGD PJ13950
3 5" Insert Group PPGD TBB76024
3 5" ASM Piston PPGD 241TBB045A
3 4.5" Liner PPGD PA13945
3 4.5" Insert Group PPGD TBB76022
3 4.5" ASM Piston Group PPGD 239TBB045A
3 4" Liner PPGD PA13940
3 4" Insert Group PPGD TBK90428
3 4" ASM Piston PPGD 231TBK045A
3 3.5" Inch Liner PPGD PA13935
3 3.5" Insert Group PPGD TBA76006
3 3.5" Spacer PPGD TBK90427
3 3.5" ASM Piston PPNO 05111434
3 3" Liner PPGD PA13930
3 3" Insert Group PPGD TBA76004
3 3" Spacer PPGD 200TBA144
3 3" ASM Piston PPGD 237TBA045A
3 Clamp-Liner PPGD 1PA217
3 Gasket PPGD 25AL22
3 Piston Rod PPGD PJ183A
3 Nut PPGD 50V14
3 O-Ring PPGD 25AH1
3 Baffle PPGD PJ840
12 Nut Jam PPGD 50F11
6 Fluid Valve PPGD PJ482A
6 Valve Fluid PPGD PJ482
6 Lock Nut PPDG PJ50V51
6 Washer Valve PPGD PJ279
6 Insert Urethane PPGD PJ452
6 Seat-Valve PPGD PJ451
6 Spring PPGD 78H23
3 Fluid Cylinder PPGD 200PJH029B
6 Lock Cover PPGD 300PAH587
6 Cover-Valve PPGD 200PJH147
6 Gasket, valve cover PPGD 200PJH715
3 Bushing PPGD 2013547
3 Retainer PPGD 200PJH205
3 Guide-Valve PPGD 200PJH483

Gear End Rebuild Kit

Gardner Denver PAH Gear End Rebuild Kit
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Jackshaft PPGD 4PA371
1 Key, Jackshaft PPGD 35B199
2 Bearing PPGD 12GC3
2 Housing-Bearing PPGD 1PA368
2 Gasket, Bearing Housing PPGD 25C1945
1 Plate-Retainer (Inner), Bearing PPGD 1PA1206
2 Wire PPGD 97A8
2 Sleeve-Wear, Oil Seal PPGD 80L8
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60G259
2 Plate Bearing Retainer PPGD PJ370
2 Gasket,Bearing Retainer Plate PPGD 25C1722
2 Shim (.002) PPGD 77A366
3 Shim (.005) PPGD 77A320
4 Shim (.010) PPGD 77A321
6 Bolt, Connecting Rod PPGD 200PAH254
6 Nut, Connecting Rod PPGD 50AQ30
6 Nut-Lock, Connecting Rod Bolt PPGD 50M2
3 Bushing PPGD 1PA421
24 Clamp, Liner PPGD PA889
6 Wire Screw PPGD 97A24
24 Screw, Clamp PPGD 75B41
3 Bushing, Crosshead Pin PPGD 200PAH229
12 Shim (.003) PPGD 77A324
3 Crosshead PPGD PJ175
3 Rod-Extension PPGD 300PZH839
3 Pin-Crosshead PPGD 200PAH189
6 Ring-Retaining PPGD 65U25
3 Head-Oil Stop PPGD PJ226
12 Gasket, Head to Frame Screw PPGD 25F9
3 Gasket, Oil Stop Head PPGD 25C1870
6 Seal, Oil Stop Head PPGD 2011872
6 Ring-Retaining, Oil Seal PPGD 1PV1398
3 Baffle, Extension Rod PPGD 5FXK840
3 Plunger Coupling PPGD 200PZJ4065
6 Screw, Coupling PPGD 75A208c
1 ASM Eccentric PPGD 200PAH255
1 Shaft Eccentric PPGD 300PAH367
2 Bearing PPGD 12GC2
1 Gear-Driven (Right Side) PPGD 2PA1293
1 Gear Driven (Left Side) PPGD 2PA1294
2 ASM Oil Seal PPGD 1PA1062A
2 Seal-Quad Ring PPGD 25AJ58
18 Screw, Extension Rod to Xhead PPGD PO701
3 Wire PPGD 97A29
6 Plug, SoHd Pipe PPGD 64AA5
6 Plate-Retaining PPGD 200PJH168
12 Screw, Head to Frame PPGD 75A208
18 Screw, Oil Seal Retaining Ring PPGD 75A102
3 ASM Plunger Coupling PPGD 2012240
6 Screw, Coupling PPGD 75A208C
12 Screw, Bearing Housing PPGD 75AA1
2 Housing-Bearing PPGD 1PA368
6 Screw, Bearing Retainer Plate PPGD 75B13
12 Screw, Bearing Housing PPGD 75AA1
3 ASM Connecting Rod, Complete PPGD 2014809
1 ASM Eccentric PPGD 200PAH255A
1 Shaft-Eccentric (with Plugs) PPGD 1PA367A
2 Plug, Shaft Oil Line PPGD 64AC4
10 Screw, Gear to Eccentric PPGD 75B43
2 Screw, Gear Locating PPGD 75B88
12 Screw, Plate to Eccentric PPGD 75B20
2 Plate-Bearing Retainer PPGD 2PA366
2 Seal-Quad Ring PPGD 25AJ58
2 ASM Oil Seal PPGD 1PA1062A
2 Seal-Quad Ring PPGD 25AJ58

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