Gardner Denver PZ-7

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver PZ-7.

Fluid End

Gardner Denver PZ-7 Fluid End
Qty. Description Part No.
3 Liner, 7" PPGD PY13970
3 O-Ring, 7" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 7" PPGD 202TBL045A
3 Insert Group, 7" PPGD TBL77586
3 Liner, 6.5" PPGD PY13965
3 O-Ring, 6.5" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 6.5" PPGD 201TBL045A
3 Insert Group, 6.5" PPGD TBL77585
3 Liner, 6" PPGD PY13960
3 O-Ring, 6" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 6" PPGD 245TBB045A
3 Insert Group, 6" PPGD TBB76028
3 Liner, 5.5" PPGD PY13955
3 O-Ring, 5.5" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 5.5" PPGD 243TBB045A
3 Insert Group, 5.5" PPGD TBB76026
3 Liner, 5" PPGD 200PZG456
3 O-Ring, 5" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 5" PPGD 241TBB045A
3 Insert Group, 5" PPGD TBB76024
3 Liner, 4.5" PPGD 201PZG456
3 O-Ring, 4.5" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 4.5" PPGD 239TBB045A
3 Insert Group, 4.5" PPGD TBB76022
3 Liner, 4" PPGD 300PZG456
3 O-Ring, 4" PPGD 25AH1
3 Piston Assy, 4" PPGD 231TBK045A
3 Insert Group, 4" PPGD TBK90428
3 Fluid Cylinder Assy PPGD 205PZL029D
24 Stud (1-1/4), Cylinder to Frame & LC PPGD 79L188
48 Nut (1-1/4), Cylinder to Frame & LC PPGD 50B36
12 Stud (7/8) Cylinder to Frame PPGD 79L73
12 Nut (7/8) Cylinder to Frame Stud PPGD 50AQ30
48 Stud, Valve Cover to Cylinder PPGD 79AL6
12 Nut, Valve cover Ring to Cylinder Stud PPGD 50B34
12 Stud, Cylinder to Discharge Manifold PPGD 202PZL110
6 Ring-Retaining, Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 2011861
6 Gasket, Valve Cover PPGD 2011862
6 Bushing, Suction & Disc Valve Cover PPGD 2007674
6 Cover Valve PPGD 2011860
6 Ring-Valve Cover PPGD 2011699
6 Lock Cover, Valve PPGD 2011857
3 Valve Guide Assembly PPGD 2011706
3 Plate-Retainer PPGD 2011701
3 Guide-Valve, Suction PPGD 2011700
3 Bushing, Suction Valve Guide PPGD 2007674
6 Lockwasher PPGD 95W2
6 Screw PPGD 655EE06S
1 Manifold-Suction PPGD 200PZG069
3 Gasket, Suction Manifold to Cylinder PPGD 25G41
24 Screw, Suction Manifold to Cylinder PPGD 655EG08N
1 Gasket, Suction Manifold Flange PPGD 25C131N
1 Flange, Suction PPGD 64CU11
8 Screw, Suction Flange PPGD 655EG130
8 Nut PPGD 50B8
1 Manifold-Discharge PPGD 200PZG071
3 Gasket, Discharge Manifold to Cylinder PPGD 25AL35
16 Stud, Discharge Manifold Flange PPGD 209PZL110
32 Nut, Discharge Manifold Flange Stud PPGD 50AW11
2 Gasket, Discharge Manifold Flange PPGD 25V24
1 Flange- Discharge PPGD 64EB15
1 Flange-Blind PPGD 64EB240
3 Plunger Coupling Assy PPGD 200PZJ4065
3 Piston Rod PPGD 201PZG060
3 Rod Extension Clamp Type PPGD 200PZG839
3 Locknut PPGD 50V14
3 Clamp-Liner PPGD 1PV14
3 Gasket, Liner to Cylinder PPGD 25AT37
6 Valve Cover Gasket PPGD 204PZL715
6 Valve Spring PPGD 78H44
6 Valve Stem Guided PPNO 060155041
6 Valve Insert PPNO 062400338
6 Valve Seat PPNO 061101507

Gear End

Gardner Denver PZ-7 Gear End
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Jackshaft PPGD 200PZG371
1 Key-Jackshaft PPGD 200PZG062
2 Spacer, Jackshaft Bearing PPGD 200PZG600
2 Sleeve-Wear PPGD 80M7
2 Gasket, Bearing Housing to Frame PPGD 25C2619
2 Housing Bearing PPGD 201PZG006
2 Bearing-Roller, Jackshaft PPGD 12W75
2 Gasket, Retainer Plate to Brg Hsg PPGD 25C2620
2 Plate, Bearing Retainer PPGD 200PZG253
16 Screw, Bearing Housing PPGD 75A14
2 Seal-Oil PPGD 60DD39
1 Eccentric PPGD 200PZG255
1 Gear-Driven PPGD 200PZG280
12 Screw, Gear to Eccentric PPGD 655EG12D
2 Bearing-Roller, Eccentric PPGD 12BA20
6 Shim (.002") PPGD 200PZG732
6 Shim (.005") PPGD 201PZG732
8 Shim (.020") PPGD 203PZG732
2 Plate-Retainer, Eccentric Bearing PPGD 201PZG168
12 Screw, Retainer to Eccentric PPGD 655EG080
1 Wire PPGD 97A29
2 Plug-SqHd Pipe PPGD 64AC4
3 Connecting Rod PPGD 200PZG003
6 Bolt-connecting Rod PPGD 200PZH254
6 Nut, Connecting Rod Bolt PPGD 50AQ30
6 Locknut, Connecting Rod Bolt PPGD 50M2
3 Bearing, Connecting Rod to Ecc PPGD 12BA18
1 Ring-Retaining, Conn Rod Bearing PPGD 74D18
14 Plate Retaining, Bearing to Ecc PPGD 1PZ1400
14 Screw, Bearing to Eccentric PPGD 655EF05D
1 Wire PPGD 97A29
22 Plate-Retainer, Bearing to ConRod PPGD PZ1400
2 Plate-Retainer, Bearing to ConRod PPGD 201PZH253
48 Screw, Bearing to Conn Rod PPGD 75B41
1 Wire PPGD 97A29
3 Bearing-Roller, Crosshead Pin PPGD 12BA19
3 Pin-Lock PPGD PZ838
3 Set Screw PPGD 76F10
3 Crosshead PPGD 200PZG005
3 Pin-Crosshead PPGD 200PZG189
3 Plate-Retainer, Crosshead Pin PPGD 202PZG168
12 Screw, Retainer Plate to Xhead PPGD 655EG09D
6 Screw, Retainer Plat to Pin PPGD 75AG17
1 Wire PPGD 97A29
3 Rod-Extension PPGD 200PZG839
18 Screw, Rod to Crosshead PPGD PO701
1 Wire PPGD 97A29
6 Plate-Retainer, Oil Stop Hd to Frm PPGD 200PZG168
3 Gasket, Oil Stop Head PPGD 25BC69N
3 Head-Oil Stop PPGD 200PZG051
24 Gasket PPGD 25F9
24 Screw, Oil Stop Head to Frame PPGD 655EE080
6 Seal PPGD 2011872
6 Rng-Retainer, Oil Stop Head Seal PPGD 1PV1398
18 Screw, Seal Ret to Oil Stop Head PPGD 75A102
3 Baffle-Piston Rod PPGD 2FXK840
2 Screw, Hex Head PPGD 655EF050
2 Gasket, Crosshead Insp Plate PPGD PZ715
2 Plate-Inspection, Crosshead PPGD 200PZG052
1 Plate-Bearing Retainer PPGD 201PZG253
2 Housing-Bearing, Eccentric PPGD 200PZG006
2 Gasket, Bearing Cover Plate PPGD 201PZG715N
1 Plate-Bearing Cover (Rigid side) PPGD 200PZG315
1 Gasket, Inspection Plate PPGD 25C1788N
1 Plate - Inspection PPGD 202FXT052
6 Screw, Inspection Plate PPGD 655EF050
6 Slide-Crosshead PPGD 200PZG309
24 Screw, Crosshead Slide to Frame PPGD 75LM6
12 Seal-Fastener PPGD 60DD35
24 Locknut PPGD 50V44
1 Plate-Bearing Cover (Floating Side) PPGD 201PZG315
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 200PZG715
3 Plate-Inspection PPGD 206PZL052
6 Gasket, Inspection Plate PPGD 25C1839
24 Screw, Inspection Plate PPGD 655ED040

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