Gardner Denver TEEA_D

Replacement parts for the Gardner Denver TEEA_D.

Fluid End (Low Pressure Cast Alum. Bronze Waterflood Service)

TEEA_D Fluid End (Low Pressure Cast Alum.. Bronze Waterflood Service)
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Fluid Cylinder Assembly PPGD 2PE29B
12 Stud, Cyl to Frame PPGD 79AB9
12 Nut, Cyl to Frame PPGD 50B34
12 Nut, Valve Cover Stud PPGD 50B10
12 Stud, Valve Cover to Cyl PPGD 79L1
12 Nut, Cyl Stuffing Box PPGD 50B32
6 Cover-Valve PPGD 3PE147
6 Gasket, Valve Cover PPGD 25AL36
1 Manifold, Suction PPGD 8PE110
3 Gasket, Manifold to Cyl PPGD 25BE18
12 Screw, Manifold to Cyl PPGD 655EF060
3 Plug, Manifold PPGD 64AJ16
2 Flange, Suction Steel PPGD 64CA13
2 Gasket, Flange PPGD 25C861N
16 Screw, Suction Flange PPGD 655EG080
16 Nut, Flange Screw PPGD 50B8

Fluid End Stuffing Box, Plungers And Packing

TEEA_D Fluid End Stuffing Box, Plungers ∧ Packing
Qty. Description Part No.
3 4" Stuffing Box PPGD 8PE14
3 3.5" Stuffing Box PPGD 9PE14
3 3.25" Stuffing Box PPGD 23PE14
3 3" Stuffing Box PPGD 10PE14
3 Fitting-Lube PPGD 40E7
3 4" & 3.5" Gland PPGD 2PE113
3 3.25" & 3" Gland PPGD 3PE113
3 Gasket PPGD 25AL36
3 Pin, Gland PPGD 62L72
3 4" Plunger (Colmonoy) PPGD 1PE3840
3 3.5" Plunger (Colmonoy) PPGD 1PE3835
3 3.25" Plunger (Colmonoy) PPGD 1PE3832
3 3" Plunger (Colmonoy) PPGD 1PE3830
3 4" Plunger (Ceramic) PPGD PE3840
3 3.5" Plunger (Ceramic) PPGD PE3835
3 3.25" Plunger (Ceramic) PPGD PE3832
3 3" Plunger (Ceramic) PPGD PE3830
3 4" Plunger (Chrome Plated) PPGD 3PE3840
3 3.5" Plunger (Chrome Plated) PPGD 3PE3835
3 3.25" Plunger (Chrome Plated) PPGD 3PE3832
3 3" Plunger (Chrome Plated) PPGD 3PE3830
3 4" Packing Assembly PPGD 63PE1600
3 3.5" Packing Assembly PPGD 64PE1600
3 3.25" Packing Assembly PPGD 51PE1600
3 3" Packing Assembly PPGD 65PE1600
3 Ring-Junk PPGD 38PE317
3 4" Packing PPGD 60BU72
3 3.5" Packing PPGD 60BU73
3 3.25" Packing PPGD 60BU71
3 3" Packing PPGD 60BU74
3 Spacer-Lantern PPGD 31PE445
3 4" Bushing-Gland PPGD 29PE152
3 3.5" Bushing-Gland PPGD 29PE152
3 3.25" Bushing-Gland PPGD 41PE152
3 3" Bushing-Gland PPGD 30PE152

Fluid End Suction and Discharge Valve

TEEA_D Fluid End Suction and Discharge Valve
Qty. Description Part No.
6 Fluid Valve Group PPGD 208VWH482A
6 Valve-Fluid PPGD 3PA206
6 Seat PPGD 200VWH039
6 Spring PPGD 78H29
6 Cage-Valve PPGD 200VWH054

Fluid End

TEEA_D Fluid End Delrin Disc Fluid ValveS FOR LOW Pressure Cast Alum.inum Bronze Cylinders
Qty. Description Part No.
6 Fluid Valve Assy Alum. Bronze PPGD 200VLH482
6 Fluid Valve Assy SS PPGD 201VLH482
6 Fluid Valve Assy Monel PPGD 202VLH482
6 Retainer Alum. Bronze PPGD 2010582
6 Retainer SS PPGD 2010583
6 Retainer Monel PPGD 2010584
6 Fastener PPGD 2010598
6 Plug-Thread Lock PPGD 2010602
6 Spring (Outer) PPGD 2010607
6 Disc-Valve PPGD 2010611
6 Seat-Valve Alum. Bronze PPGD 2010623
6 Seat-Valve SS PPGD 2010624
6 Seat-Valve Monel PPGD 2010625

Gear End Crosshead & Oil Stop Head Group

TEEA_D Gear End Crosshead & Oil Stop Head Group
Qty. Description Part No.
3 Baffle PPGD 200TAE840
3 Crosshead PPGD 300TEE005
3 Crosshead Pin PPGD 2005051
6 Snap Ring, Crosshead Pin Retainer PPGD 65W19
3 Gasket PPGD 25C1948
3 Oil StopHead TEE PPGD PE226A
6 Stud, Gland PPGD 79A238
6 Nut Oil Stop Head 5" x 6" PPGD 50F5
12 Screw Bearing Retainer Plate PPGD 655EE050
3 Packing Assembly Plunger 2" Oil StopHead PPGD 60DD99
3 Gland, Oil Stop Head PPGD PE238
3 Rod Extension PPGD 300TEE839
3 Crosshead Over Sized (.125) TEE PPGD 301TEE005

Gear End Eccentric & Bearing Group

TEEA_D Gear End Eccentric & Bearing Group
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Eccentric for TEE PPGD 200TEE255
2 Oriface PPGD 200TEE814
1 Key, Eccentric to Shaft for a TEE Pump PPGD 35K17
1 Shaft Eccentric for a TEE Pump PPGD 1PE367
1 Bearing, Eccentric to Shaft for a TEE Pump PPGD 12C60
1 Housing-Bearing (Oil Pump End) PPGD 2PE366
0 Gasket Valve Cover PPGD 655EF050
6 Screw, Bearing Cover Ecct. PPGD 75A18
2 Gasket, Bearing Housing PPGD 25C1945
1 Housing-Bearing (End Drive) PPGD 3PE366
1 Seal-Oil FXD Jackshaft (Inner) PPGD 60G63
1 Key, Drive for TEE Pump PPGD 35B72
1 Bearing, Roller Ecct. Shaft for TEE Pump PPGD 12BA64

Gear End Connecting Rod

TEEA_D Gear End
Qty. Description Part No.
3 Connecting Rod TEE PPGD PE417
3 Bushing Eccentric for a TEE Pump PPGD PE421
3 Bushing Crosshead Pin TEE PPGD PE229
3 Plug PPGD 64AC2
3 Lock Screw PPGD 75LM162N

Gear End Power Frame & Miscellaneous Parts

TEEA_D Gear End Power Frame & Miscellaneous Parts
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Frame PPGD 200TEE001
2 Plate-Inspection, Crosshead PPGD PE723
12 Screw, Inspection Plate PPGD 75A136
2 Gasket, Inspection Plate PPGD 25C1941
1 Gasket, Crankcase Flange PPGD 25C157N
2 Screw, Crankcase Flange PPGD 655ED030
1 Flange, Crankcase Oil Drain PPGD 29AUX27
1 Plug, Crankcase Flange PPGD 64AA7
2 Plug, Oil Level PPGD 64AA5
1 Elbow-Pipe Street PPGD 64D2
1 Retainer PPGD PE1400
3 Stud PPGD 79A69
3 Nut PPGD 50Q14
3 Gasket PPGD 25F44
1 Plate-Inspection, Frame End PPGD 200TEE052
1 Gasket PPGD 200TEE715
1 Hood PPGD 201TEE053
18 Screw, Hood PPGD 75A136
1 Gasket, Hood PPGD 201TEE715
1 Breather PPGD 5C7
1 Plug PPGD 64B3
1 Inspection Plate PPGD 201TEE052
2 Stud PPGD 79A466
2 Wing Nut PPGD 50H1
2 Lifting Eye PPGD 200TEE263

Gear End Oil Pump & Piping

TEEA_D Gear End Oil Pump & Piping
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Screen-Oil PPGSD 2WAJ511
2 Stud PPGD 79A204
1 Gasket PPGD 25C157N
1 Connector PPGD 200PEE284
2 Nut, Conn. to Frame Stud PPGD 50B3
1 Nipple PPGD 63U16X30
1 Plug PPGD 64A25
1 Nipple PPGD 63AP9X94
1 Elbow-Pipe Street PPGD 64BC7
1 Nipple PPGD 63AP9X60
1 Elbow PPGD 64C6
1 Nipple PPGD 63U16X14
1 Bushing-Pipe PPGD 64E7
1 Elbow-Pipe Street PPGD 64D5
1 Hydraulic Hose Assy PPGD 29R30
1 Adaptor-Hose PPGD 29Q6
1 Bushing-Pipe PPGD 64E95
1 Valve-Liquid Relief PPGD 90Q22
1 Elbow-Pipe Street PPGD 64D6
3 Nipple PPGD 63U12X14
1 Bushing-Pipe PPGD 64E6
2 Adaptor-Hose PPGD 29Q16
1 Hydraulic Hose Assy PPGD 29R26
1 Plug PPGD 64A24
1 Bracket-Filter PPGD 200TEE389
4 Screw, Brkt to Filter PPGD 655ED030
1 Hydraulic Hose Assy PPGD 29E12
1 TEE PPGD 64P14
4 Screw, Oil Pump to Adpt. PPGD 655ED190
1 Gasket, Oil Pump to Adpt. PPGD 201PEE715
1 Adaptor, Oil Pump PPGD 200PEE170
6 Screw, Adpt. to Brg. Housing PPGD 655EE050
1 Gauge-Pressure PPGD 27A13
1 Ring-Retaining PPGD 65W10
1 Seal-Oil, Mainshaft PPGD 1PE447
2 Ring-Piston, Oil Seal PPGD 65A33
2 Shim PPGD 77G16
1 Elbow-Tube PPGD 86E64
1 Tube PPGD 85E6A
1 Elbow-Tube PPGD 86E65
1 Adaptor, Nozzle PPGD 201TEE814

Gear End Oil Filter

TEEA_D Gear End Oil Filter
Qty. Description Part No.
1 Oil Filter Assy PPGD 26C12
1 Head Assy PPGD 2109408
1 Valve Assy Bypass PPGD 2109125
1 Element PPGD 2109394
1 Housing PPGD 2109409
1 Bolt PPGD 2109410
1 Washer-Gasket PPGD 2109411
1 Spring-COil PPGD 2109127
1 Screen-Oil PPGD 2WAJ511

Gear End Oil Circulating Pump

TEEA_D Gear End Oil Circulating Pump
Qty. Description Part No.
Oil Circulating Pump PPGD 200PEE188
1 Rotor PPGD 2109376
2 Gasket, Cover PPGD 54C222
1 Cover PPGD 2109371
1 Idler Carrier Assy PPGD 2109374
1 Pin, Idler PPGD 2109373
1 Carrier, Idler PPGD 2109372
1 Bracket Assy PPGD 2109370

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