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American Mfg Company’s roots lie in the fertile soil of America’s water-well Industry. When American Mfg Company opened it’s doors in 1986 it was a company 100% dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality spare parts for the water-well drilling industry.

While we may have grown a bit since the mid 80’s, and added several new divisions to our product line, our passion of manufacturing 100% identical and interchangeable parts for the water-well drilling pumps hasn’t wavered in the slightest.  In fact, over the past 5 years we’ve added 3 complete duplex pumps which are OEM equipment for the most reputable water-well drilling rig manufacturers in the industry.

The government push towards Geothermal heat has lead to an explosion in the geothermal drilling industry.  A fairly new industry for American Mfg Company,  we dove head in with our revolutionary 5” X 5” duplex mud pump which delivers the mud volume of a 5” X 6 pump, with the footprint of a 4.5” X 5”.

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